Death A Love Story - the film




Jacob Karula MD, Professor of Clinical Medicine, USC
"Thank you for sending me the video of Death A Love Story. I found this a beautiful way of expressing Mel's passage from life to death. I shall share this video with our staff."

Douglas Tyler, MD, Diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine
"This film is as important as it is unique. The filmmaker has created a painstakingly objective birdseye view of the dying process as it slowly overcomes the most important person in her life "All of us should watch it and learn from it."

Gangaji, Spiritual Leader
"In our society, in western culture as a whole, death is generally kept out of sight, ignored, or made impersonal, either as statistics or as the gore of sensationalism. This attempt at avoidance results in a level of superficiality that is penetrated only when one is faced with one's own death or the death of a loved one. Entertainment that is also art involves the viewer inescapably in the mystery of life and death. Death: A Love Story is entertainment that is also art."

Audience Member
"When I was getting my BFA from Boston University, I struggled with finding a definition for "art". I came to the conclusion that art is something that is created with love, moves me emotionally, and stays with me long after seeing it. Your film is an articulate, beautiful, intelligent, witty, and profound work of art."

Audience Member
"Your movie is really important in that it not only addresses death but shows the wonder, amazement and life that can come out of having to deal with it."

Glenn Lowell, VARIETY
"Compelling! Insightful! Ultimately reassuring look at facing death with grace and inner peace."

Bruce Rubin, writer, producer, and director: Ghost, My life
"Thank you for making this extraordinary work!"

"... an eye-opening, sobering encounter with modern medicine and remarkable evidence of filmmaking playing a part in the healing process."

"Unflinching yet poetic!"

"Death in narrative film is often mawkishly rendered, but here, death is truly a  love story."



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